SarahTron the Amazing Robot Girl (clemsblueruins) wrote in mosai_on_over,
SarahTron the Amazing Robot Girl

Martha's Mosaic

1. What is, in your opinion, your nerdiest hobby? I suppose collecting comic books and toy robots is fairly nerdy. ^^;
2. Who's your favorite super hero? I would say Dr. Manhattan, but I will remain loyal to my roots and go with Spider-Man; he was my first favorite when I was a wee lass!
3. Your favorite comic book villain? I mostly read indie comics or comics where there are no clear heroes/villains...I have to say Lucifer from Hellblazer.
4. I KNOW you've got a preference: XBOX360, Wii, PS3, or other? I ♥ my XBox 360!
5. What video game do you pwn at? Ha ha, none. I putz around, mostly. But I used to truly pwn at MarioKart.
6. The book series you're up to your eyeballs in? I don't have a particular series. I just buy whatever strikes my fancy. In the last two months I have bought Revolutionary Road and a stack of comic books.
7. The movie you've seen eight million times, and can probably recite half of? The Royal Tenenbaums
8. What tv show are you fanatical about? The X-Files
9. One random poster you've got on your wall? I have a ton of Bijou posters. The most random might be Mala Noche. One bad fucking night.

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