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In favor of more procrastination

Martha's nerd mosaic!


1. What is, in your opinion, your nerdiest hobby?Orone would have to be nerdiest thing I ever did, but currently? I guess my ever growing collection of manga magazines. Instead of Shonen Jump put Yen+.
2. Who's your favorite super hero?A fav...Gambit. But I was a huge X-Men fan.
3. Your favorite comic book villain? I don't really read traditional comic books...but how about Evangeline A.K. McDowell from Negima!
4. I KNOW you've got a preference: XBOX360, Wii, PS3, or other? Xbox 360
5. What video game do you pwn at? Oblivion...I guess :S
6. The book series you're up to your eyeballs in? Currently am reading Maximum Ride series.
7. The movie you've seen eight million times, and can probably recite half of? I don't watch movies that much....I saw Fellowship of the Ring a ton though.
8. What tv show are you fanatical about? LOST?
9. One random poster you've got on your wall? Vampire Knight (I cheated and went 6 pages in to find the exact poster I have!)
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