Martha (magicalmartha) wrote in mosai_on_over,

Yay mosaics!

Vice & Sacrifice Photo Mosaic (Inspired by Ash Wednesday)

1. What is your favorite bad habit of all time? Drinking to excess
2. What is your worst bad habit of all time? Prooooocrastination
3. What is your biggest temptation? Ice cream, baked goods.  Sugary things.
4. Which of the seven deadly sins do you feel most represents you? Vanity....
5. What do YOU tend to tempt other to do? Waste time
6. How do you distract yourself from temptation? TV
7. What is a good habit you have? I always get plenty of sleep
8. How do you waste the most time? Internet
9. How do you waste the most money? Shopping for things I don't need
10. What would you rather spend lost time on? Looking for a job
11. What would you rather spend that lost money on? Saving for a car
12. What is one thing you have given up (for any period) that has made you proud? I have officially given up pastries at work
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