Sai (sai12) wrote in mosai_on_over,

Jei's Mosiac! Firsts.


1. Where did you celebrate your first birthday? Sioux Falls, SD...I think. That or Denison, IA.
2. Your first pet: I'm not sure....we had lots of pets. But the one I remember the most from my younger years is a pet mouse. I remember it because my brother killed her by smashed the fridge door on her head. :(
3. The first thing you wanted to be when you grew up: I think the first was doctor.
4. The first country you visited: Mexico
5. The first book that made you cry: I don't cry when I read books, but the first one I remember being very moving was Watership Down.
6. Your first celebrity crush: JTT: Jonathan Taylor Thomas.
7. The first PG-13 movie that you saw in theaters: The first I remember seeing is Jurassic Park.
8. The first album you bought: I think 3 Doota,
9. The first color you dyed your hair: My dad dyed my hair blonde when I was 6 or 7?
10. Your first real job: Burgerking. Unless you count all the baby sitting I did since I was 12?
11. The first country you visited without your family: Haven't gone to other countries without family. But I went to Maui, Hawaii without my family. So it kinda counts?
12. Your first legally purchased alcoholic beverage: Mike's Hard Lemonade from Kum'n'Go at like 12am on the 9th.
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