SarahTron the Amazing Robot Girl (clemsblueruins) wrote in mosai_on_over,
SarahTron the Amazing Robot Girl

Martha's Mosaic

1. What class are you excited about? Continuing Ballet ♥
2. What class are you sad to be done with? Film Authors
3. Most exciting thing happening between now and graduation: My birthday, because WE SHOULD ALL GO SEE WATCHMEN AT MIDNIGHT FOR MY BIRTHDAY, OKAY GUYS?! XD
4. What major did you think you'd be graduating with? A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far away: English, with a second major in Cinema.
5. Any changes to that plan? English is a good friend but Cinema is my true love!
6. Spring break plans? I'm heading to South by Southwest with the Bijou Board of Directors.
7. What's it feel like to be graduating soon? I feel so very free. :D
8. What's next after school? Sticking around Iowa City, hopefully making some money.
9. One silly thing you'll do when school is over: Lawn Dart Summer, some summer, someday. I call it that because of the song "Ginger" by Lilys. Basically you throw a a bunch of lawn darts at a map on the ground and go.
10. One thing you're most proud of from the last four years? Meeting you.
11. Where do you see yourself by the ten year reunion? Wishful thinking leads me to hope that I will be happily living in California or Austin with some sort of work in the film world. I'll most likely have one adopted daughter in tow. Husband, ehhh, optional.
12. What's your pick for Best Picture at the Oscars? In a perfect world...Wall-E.
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