rosepixie (rosepixie) wrote in mosai_on_over,

martha's mosic idea

1. What class are you excited about? Exercise Testing and Prescription
2. What class are you sad to be done with? It was a while ago but relaxationi techniques rocked!
3. Most exciting thing happening between now and graduation: Warm Weather
4. What major did you think you'd be graduating with? Physical Therapy
5. Any changes to that plan? Health Promotion
6. Spring break plans? Volunteering in away pancakes
7. What's it feel like to be graduating soon? Scared..the future is big and scary!!
8. What's next after school? Studying for my certifications
9. One silly thing you'll do when school is over: go on Ragbri
10. One thing you're most proud of from the last four years? Becoming independent
11. Where do you see yourself by the ten year reunion? With a job and hopefully in love..I won't press my luck further than that
12. What's your pick for Best Picture at the Oscars? Dark Knight...I didn't watch very many movies this year because I was gone
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