Martha (magicalmartha) wrote in mosai_on_over,

In honor of the new semester

1. What class are you excited about?
Indian Literature
2. What class are you sad to be done with? Theology
3. Most exciting thing happening between now and graduation: Handing in my thesis
4. What major did you think you'd be graduating with? English literature
5. Any changes to that plan? Minor in Religious Studies
6. Spring break plans? Scuba diving in Mexico
7. What's it feel like to be graduating soon? AWESOME and EXCITING
8. What's next after school?
Working in Chicago
9. One silly thing you'll do when school is over: Get a puppy
10. One thing you're most proud of from the last four years? Growing up
11. Where do you see yourself by the ten year reunion? Successful, probably married
12. What's your pick for Best Picture at the Oscars? Wall-E
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