Martha (magicalmartha) wrote in mosai_on_over,

Firsts Mosaic

1. Where did you celebrate your first birthday?
Oak Park
2. Your first pet: Nike, the guinea pig
3. The first thing you wanted to be when you grew up: A veterinarian
4. The first country you visited: England
5. The first book that made you cry: I THINK it was Black Beauty, by Anna Sewell
6. Your first celebrity crush: Hanson (DON'T JUDGE ME YOU LIKED THEM TOO).
7. The first PG-13 movie that you saw in theaters: Armageddon
8. The first album you bought: Chumbawumba's self-titled album (I GET KNOCKED DOWN)
9. The first color you dyed your hair: I've never dyed my hair.
10. Your first real job: Lifeguard
11. The first country you visited without your family: Japan
12. Your first legally purchased alcoholic beverage: Corona (and it was delicious.)
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