SarahTron the Amazing Robot Girl (clemsblueruins) wrote in mosai_on_over,
SarahTron the Amazing Robot Girl

Jei's "Firsts" Photo Mosaic

1. Where did you celebrate your first birthday? Germany
2. Your first pet: DJ, a Greek dog
3. The first thing you wanted to be when you grew up: An illustrator for books
4. The first country you visited: America, from Turkey
5. The first book that made you cry: I don't remember, I am sure I cried about a lot of books as a child. The first I remember was Flowers for Algernon in junior high school.
6. Your first celebrity crush: I thought Michael J. Fox was so cute!
7. The first PG-13 movie that you saw in theaters: Last Action Hero when I was six.
8. The first album you bought: Titanic soundtrack
9. The first color you dyed your hair: Magenta, and it was FABULOUS. :)
10. Your first real job: Playschool teacher
11. The first country you visited without your family: My family was always part of the International Childhood package.
12. Your first legally purchased alcoholic beverage: Beer at the Alamo Drafthouse!
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