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Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight

This week's theme = firsts!

1. Where did you celebrate your first birthday? West Chicago
2. Your first pet: Henry, my golden hamster.
3. The first thing you wanted to be when you grew up: A monster hunter!
4. The first country you visited: South Korea
5. The first book that made you cry: Sheila Black's Lassie Shut UP >:P
6. Your first celebrity crush: Robert Downey Jr. (or Jackie Chan) The outtakes of a Jackie Chan video are what made me realize that characters ≠ actors; RDJ's scheme to go out in a blaze of gunfire making the front page of the tabloids is what made me realize that actors = mortal. That was an anxiety-ridden week.
7. The first PG-13 movie that you saw in theaters: Shanghai Noon (The pic looks weird 'cause it's from some Hollywood wax museum or summat)
8. The first album you bought: Rammstein's "Sehnsucht"
9. The first color you dyed your hair: Purple (the spray-on stuff), I think for Hallowe'en in grade school (I was Xelloss :D).
10. Your first real job: Desk clerk
11. The first country you visited without your family: Scotland (I'm not counting Ireland since I technically moved/lived there.)
12. Your first legally purchased alcoholic beverage: Pear Kopparberg (in Éire, where I was legal at 19! ;P)
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