SarahTron the Amazing Robot Girl (clemsblueruins) wrote in mosai_on_over,
SarahTron the Amazing Robot Girl

Martha's Movie Meme

1. What movie are you MOST excited for this summer? Pixar's Up
2. What summer blockbuster has surprised you by being better than you expected? Honestly? I was pleasantly surprised by 2007's Transformers.
3. Who's your favorite comic movie villain? Joker ♥
4. Favorite comic movie hero? Spider-Man; let's ignore the third one, K?
5. What film has the best explosions? Star Wars: A New Hope (Death Star KABOOM!)
6. Best action hero? Chow Yun Fat
7. The WORST movie you've ever seen? La Vie Nouvelle...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.
8. You can't BELIEVE they made this film (note: not necessarily the same as #6): Bewitched
9. Your favorite book-to-movie adaptation? Let The Right One In; I really need to read this book ASAP, I have heard only good things. And the movie blows my mind. 8D

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